Battery for Casio IT-2000 / IT-3000 / Epson TP-P60 (2200mAh) DT-9723,DT-9723LI,DT-9723LIC,LIP-2500

Warranty: 12 months
Producer Number: 913424



Casio DT-9023 / DT-9023LI
DT-9723 / DT-9723LI / DT-9723LIC
Epson LIP-2500

Casio IT-2000 / IT-2060IO-E / IT-2065IO-E
Casio IT-3000 / IT-3000M53E / IT-3000M54E2 / IT-3000M55U / IT-3000M56U
Epson TM-P60 (M196A)

Voltage: 7.2V – 7.4V
Technology: Lithium-ion
Capacity: 2200mAh

General information:
Short circuit protection
Overvoltage protection
Overheating protection
Long lifetime thanks to high quality cells
This battery can be recharged using the standard charger (delivered with the device).
Remarks: The product is a replacement. The brand names/trademarks/trade names specified are registered properties of their respective owners.